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Shorties Stretchy Strings

For those who love the original Silly Strings, but need a shorter form. The Shorties fit more snugly in your hand and are portable! These stretchy strings will make you smile with their excellent durability as well as being perfect for adults or kids' fidgeting needs at home, school, or work - they're just so much fun!
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The Shorties Stretchy Strings toys help calm stress and anxiety by providing a fun outlet for busy and anxious hands. Our latex-free light-sensitive autism toys are calming and fun to stretch night or day! Not only will these anxiety relief toys satisfy your fidgety, sensory-seeking needs, but you can also twirl them, fling them and squish them into any shape - your imagination is its limit. No matter what you create, the Shorties will always snap back to their original form with ease. Our 12 piece sensory toys make you focus on one sensation at a time, allowing you to concentrate better. This makes them perfect to use in a classroom, home, or office. Let our fidget toys Inspire some smiles and make every moment in life more fun and unforgettable.

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