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Hedgehog Stress Balls

The Hedgehog Stress Ball is here to relieve your anxiety and stress. This fun spherical toy will have you feeling comforted, making it an excellent fidget toy for both kids and adults who need some instant entertainment or release! Did we mention that this ball has therapeutic spikes too?
Pack :

1374 In Stock

The physical act of squeezing something in our hands has been proven to help people mentally, especially when they are stressed. Stress balls are the perfect solution for relieving stress. They can be used almost anywhere and by anyone. Therefore, our one-piece Hedgehog Stress Ball is the ideal means to alleviate your stress and anxiety. Unlike other stress toys, our stress balls contain not 18 but a massive 38 beads! This makes our squeeze ball fidget toys more fun and satisfying to squeeze in your hand. We guarantee all-day play, as our fidget balls are made from durable thermoplastic rubber that is soft but highly durable.


  • 1 pack
  • 3 pack
  • Thermoplastic Rubber
  • 38 Beads in each stress ball
  • Color: Pink, Blue & Orange - Pink, Green & Yellow - Red, Green & Yellow

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