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BunMo The 123GO! Fidget Magnetic Rings - Multi Color

These Magnetic Fidget Rings are entirely modular and freestyle - leaving you in charge of your own unique fun! Get imaginative while keeping your hands busy and your mind at ease. Once you give these rings a go, you'll be addicted in no time!
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2275 In Stock

Spin them, separate them, connect them, and whirl them. Your imagination is the limit of this magnetic spinner ring. BUNMO x 123GO! Magnetic Fidget Rings are the most interactive addition to our specialized line of sensory toys. The spinner ring includes three colorful rings that spin, connect, and separate. Just like the other fidget toys in BUNMO x 123GO! collection, these magnetic fidget rings are sensory toys.


  • A sensory toys pioneer and DIY experts partnership: BunMo partners with YouTube sensation 123GO! to bring you unique new spinner magnet toys! This collaboration brings stronger N45 magnets and new styles for an enhanced experience. Get unencumbered relief from anxiety and stress and focus with DIY expert 123GO! Magnetic fidget rings.
  • Learn tricks like YouTube superstars, 123GO! The new and vibrant fidget rings contain unique fidget magnets that allow you to flip, twirl, and spin around your fingers. Break bad habits with this fidget ring pack and keep the mind focused—magnetic toys ideal for Autism, ADHD, or any busy fingers.
  • Safe for adults: This BunMo x 123GO! fidget pack is created with high-quality plastic and safe material that are highly durable for all-day play. The solid and new magnets are BPA and Toxin-free. Need a gift idea? These magnetic fidget toys make great fidget toys for adults!
  • A fidget ring for all occasions: These fidget magnets are great for travel, work, or your office pencil case. They are lightweight, pocket-sized, and fun! They are great fidget rings men or women! Get creative like 123GO! and create your own enjoyment.
  • The BunMo x 123GO! sensory fidget toy promise: If these don't work as a stress toy or keep your hands busy as first envisioned, reach out to us. The magnetic rings can improve your motor skill and dexterity, making them great for the body and soul. If you are unsatisfied with our stronger than-ever 123GO! figet rings, we will stop at nothing to satisfy you.