Best Party Favors for Goody Bags

Best Party Favors for Goody Bags

Birthday parties are an exciting thing all new parents encounter when their little ones grow up! The excitement for a youngster handing out invitations to their birthday party at recess usually bubbles from them. Whether you’re hosting your child's birthday party or helping a good friend or family member plan, here are some great suggestions for party favor & goody bag stuffers!

What usually goes into a goody bag? It's rather easy when the party is Encanto or Pokemon themed but what about everything else? From candy to toys to knick-knacks, the sky is the limit! Here are some of our top picks to make your goody bags the best!



Stretchy Strings Shorties: Glitter and Glow.

We all know that kids love to take things apart, and these stretchy strings are no exception! With a variety of colors, they're perfect for any goody bag. Plus, with a pack of twelve, there is ample opportunity to share amongst your attendee’s goody bags which can lead to a super fun playtime!
The Shorties come in bright shades like pink, blue, and green, making them easy enough on little eyes yet still eye-catching - what kid doesn't want some shiny new toy? They also happen to be super durable! Add them to your goody bags as Casita's magical lights, or even a Pokemon's tentacle or stretchy arms!


Silly Slappers.

Are you throwing a party with an aquatic theme? These suction cup toys stick to any smooth surface and can be used in many different ways, from being given away as surprises inside goody bags to playing games using them! They come 6 per package, so there will always be enough on hand if you plan accordingly-and. They’re easy enough that even small hands should have no problem operating these fun devices.


Our Ocean Clickers erasable pens are another great addition to any ocean, mermaid, or pirate-themed party. The Ocean Clickers will make longer writing sessions worry-free because of the special erasable ink and come in packs of 12; each pen has its refill, so there is no worry for a long time after the event. Even better yet, each Clicker has a little fishy that stands out by itself as well.


Super Stretchy Strings

Unlike their shimmery and glowing cousins, they are the more neutral option that fits any themed party. Their bright colors stand out amongst the crowd but provide the same super stretchy fun as their shorter counterparts. Long and highly durable, you can stretch them, squeeze them, or twirl them in circles - then watch as they bounce right back into shape! And with a large 12-pack, it’s also super cost-effective! Creative mums and dads can masquerade these as Casita's vines from Encanto, or even Bulbasaur or Bayleaf's vines from Pokemon!


Fidget Cubes

These little fidget cubes are perfect for any goody bag. Hours of fun can be had with them! They're also great as an independent toy to play around your house or give out at a party when you don't know what else to get. These cubes come in a two-pack in two colors, making them the ideal toy to add to your goody bag for smaller parties! These fidget cubes can also spark some great playtime opportunities between friends.


Super Sensory Stress Balls

They’re bumpy, and they have little balls on the inside! When squished, these balls and bumps help soothe anxiety and stress. But when used as party favors, these stress balls take on so many new hats as far as every child’s imagination can stretch. The imaginative element of this toy makes it another great addition to your goody bags! They come in a three-pack with an array of different colored balls giving each ball a different appearance.


Poppin Pipes Pop Tubes

These crackling and crunching sensory tubes are probably the most versatile toy. They fit perfectly into a goody bag with their bright colors; they can stretch and make lovely crackling and crunching sounds as they are stretched out and back in. These tubes are also perfect for imaginative playtime and can masquerade as a spyglass or even a monster for the heroes to fall! If that isn’t fun, these pipes can connect to make hula hoops, build structures, and much more! They come in a four, eight, and thirty pack, giving you flexibility!


So, what should you put in your goody bag? The answer is, as always, it depends. But hopefully, this article has given you some ideas of things that will make everyone happy. Whether you’re looking for goodies to give out at a party or want to stuff stockings with something special, we hope you find our list helpful! What are your favorite go-to items to include in a goody bag? Let us know in the comments below!
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