• Poppin' Pipes

    Poppin' Pipes

    Poppin' Pipes are the ultimate pop & stretch sensory toys. Widely used as learning aids in developing fine motor skills, they perfectly compliment Autism, ADD, and ADHD needs.

  • Stretchy Strings

    Stretchy Strings

    Stretchy Strings offer a soothing, yet stimulating sensory experience. Perfect for channeling excess energy, this makes them the ideal anxiety and stress relief toy.

  • Silly Suckers

    Silly Suckers

    Silly Suckers are perfect for bath time play. Create, stick, and build for hours of versatile fun! Used to improve both mental and physical development in young children.


We Love Hearing From You!

"My kids are crazy for BunMo fidget toys. From my youngest to my oldest, they can't get enough! So happy with all of our purchases thus far. Would definitely recommend!"


"I got these for my two sons and they were a HIT! Would not stop playing from the time we opened the package to bedtime. Overall amazing toy, the whole family could play with! We would definitely buy again."


"Once placed in the hand of a child (and many adults!) these little buggers can kill time quickly. My 5 year old found a number of ways to play with these things. Unassuming toy - but quite the attention getter!"


"As a developmental therapist, I search for toys that teach and are durable enough to last through the repetitive play that it will encounter throughout daily and extensive use. These passed the test."


"They have been played with daily and used in very creative ways. I highly recommend these. The price is terrific for such a versatile toy."