Creative Crafts: DIY Fidgets

Creative Crafts: DIY Fidgets

Are you looking for a new way to keep your kid occupied and amused? Do they need something to help them focus on school? Check out these fun and easy DIY fidget crafts! Fidgets can help reduce stress and anxiety, and they're perfect for when you need a break from the same old toys. So why not have a little fun and get crafty with your kids today? You may be surprised at what you come up with!


Sometimes half the fun is creating the fidgets! From paper fidget spinners to creating your thinking putty or hedgehog pop toy, there's something for everyone! We’ll start exploring the beautiful ways you can make exciting fidgets from items found in your home to using some of BunMo’s Poppin Pipes!


DIY Infinity Cube

(Image Credit: Momsandcrafters)


Making your infinity cube is a fun and creative project that can be tailored to suit any individual's needs! You have many options for designing the colors or shapes, making this toy super versatile. Building them also couldn't be easier - follow these instructions from Momsandcrafters for an easy DIY method with pictures guiding you through every step, so there are no surprises along the way.


Paper Fidget Stars

One of the most popular toys this year is also one that doesn't require any expensive equipment. All you need to get started with origami fidget stars, or "fidget spinners" as they're commonly known, are some paper and imagination! RedTedArt has step-by walkthroughs on how easy it can be for kids under 12 years old. Creating these cool spinners does not require having access to advanced tools or expensive materials.


Fidget Putty

Silly putty is a super cool DIY fidget that will keep your kids' hands busy all day long! Follow these instructions for how to make some of this squishy stuff here. With all the different kinds of slimes, putties, and sands, this fidget putty recipe is bound to get your kids excited!

Colorful Paper spinners

(Image Credit: RedTedArt)
Spin the spinner and see what bird pops up! Paper spinners have been around for a long time, but it's only recently that we've seen them come into their own as an adult toys. The first one was just like this simple paper craft with printed images on both sides - when you spun it back then, though, all sorts of different creatures would appear in your cage from beneath these colorful paints or ink drawings... And while they're not designed to distract kids during meal times (though who knows?), there is something very satisfying about seeing beautiful artwork materialize right before our eyes at such speed. Read the full tutorial here.


DIY Stress Ball

These easy-squeezy DIY fidgets are a lot of fun to make and even more so when you fill them with your unique mixture. You can use anything from baking soda, flour, or kinetic sand for the filling! Decorate, however, as well - whether it colorful rockets on elastic bands just waiting for an adventure ahead...


Hedgehog Playtime.

You can show off your love for hedgehogs this summer with BunMo’s Poppin Pipes Pokies.
You’ll Need:
•             BunMo Poppin Pipes Pokies
•             Medium to large-sized Styrofoam ball
•             Small-sized Styrofoam ball
•             Two wine bottle corks
•             Cotton balls
•             Googly eyes or a Sharpie
•             Small cardboard cutout resembling ears.
•             Red Paint.


Take your medium (or large) Styrofoam ball and gently press the Pokies on the top of the Styrofoam ball and stretch or twirl to the desired length. Add as many pokies as you want since we are making a hedgehog.


Once done with adding the Pokies, take the smaller Styrofoam ball and glue it to the front of your hedgehog. Give your hedgehog some fur by gluing the cotton balls to the body between the Pokies. You can tear and fluff up one cotton ball to create a little bit of fur on the face. Using the Sharpie, draw a ‘3’ shape around the fur you’ve added to the face, and finish up with gluing the googly eyes or drawing some eyes on. You can also add a red dot with some paint for a nose!
Finally, take your wine cork and carefully cut four rounds from it. Glue to the bottom of your hedgehog's body; now it has feet!


So, what are you waiting for? Get your supplies together and start crafting! These DIY fidget toys will keep you and your kids entertained for hours on end. Not only are they fun, but they can also help reduce stress and anxiety. Who knew being crafty could be so beneficial?
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