How to Set New Year's Resolutions with Your Kids

How to Set New Year's Resolutions with Your Kids

It's that time of year again! New Year's resolutions are a great way to motivate your kids to make positive changes in their lives. But how do you go about setting goals with your children? Here are some tips to get you started.

Talk to your kids about what they want to accomplish in the new year.

Starting the new year off by talking to your kids about their hopes and dreams is a fantastic way to get motivated! Ask them what their goals are for 2023 and listen closely to their answers. It could be anything from getting better grades in math, becoming a more proficient swimmer, or writing a story—no matter how simple or complex the goal is, take it seriously. Ask follow-up questions and help them think of ways to meet those goals. As well as providing support, giving specific advice about how to succeed can be useful too. Inspire your children by offering tips on how achieving their dreams can give them a sense of satisfaction in the future, creating positive habits that will last a lifetime.

Help them set realistic goals that are achievable and measurable.

Helping others set realistic goals is important to reaching a desired outcome. Goals become more manageable when broken down into smaller steps, which allows for more flexibility on how to achieve them. Be sure that each goal is achievable and measurable, meaning it has a clear completion date and specific objectives with attainable tasks along the way. Setting shorter-term goals also gives the sense of completion, which can be motivating in itself. Keeping these concepts in mind while aiding someone else in setting goals can help lead to long-term success and contentment.

Create a plan of action together, including steps that need to be taken and deadlines for each goal

Developing a plan of action as a team can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and has an understanding of what needs to be done. By having clear goals, steps to reach them, and deadlines to motivate productivity, you’ll have the necessary elements for success. Even though it may seem intimidating at first to create a big plan, breaking down the process into smaller stages makes it more manageable. It’s best to seek out everyone’s input so that all perspectives are taken into consideration. This way, when you move forward together, you’ll be able to do so with confidence.

Put up reminders around the house or create a special calendar to help everyone stay on track.

Staying organized is challenging, especially when there's a lot going on in life. But with a few simple reminders around the house and a special calendar, everyone in the family can stay on top of their upcoming tasks and events. Having colorful reminders taped onto a bathroom mirror or refrigerator can help keep plans from slipping through the cracks. Having a single calendar that everyone can access – physically or virtually – ensures that no one misses an important date. And for more laid-back occasions, like family movie nights or day trips to the beach, it doesn't take much to jot down these events as well. Stay on track with these quick and easy tips!

Check in regularly with your kids to see how they're doing and offer encouragement along the way.

Checking in with your kids can make all the difference. As a parent, it's easy to forget about how difficult growing up can be for young minds – so take the time to show support, ask questions and give them a sense of being heard. Show them you believe in their capacity to grow, learn and thrive by giving compliments relating to effort or improvement. Taking an interest in what they're learning at school or any extra-curricular activities is also a great way to show your encouraging support. The important thing is creating a positive atmosphere for them to talk openly and feel like they can express themselves without judgment. Regular check-ins should go beyond just asking how their day was – ask open-ended questions that invite conversation, show interest, and provide guidance and encouragement throughout the growing years.

Celebrate your kids' successes, big or small, at the end of the year

At the end of the year, it's important to celebrate all of your kids' successes, no matter how big or small. Even if their achievements may seem insignificant at first glance, taking the time to acknowledge and praise them can help your children feel supported and motivated. It could be anything from completing a difficult task to displaying a new skill or behavior, such as kindness or helpfulness. The acknowledgement doesn't have to be anything grand- simply take a moment to thank them for their accomplishments. Showing our appreciation encourages our kids to feel proud of themselves and continues to motivate them when they face another challenge.


This year, help your kids set themselves up for success by teaching them how to set goals and create a plan of action. You'll be amazed at what they can accomplish when they have the right tools and support. And remember to celebrate their successes along the way!
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