Our Favorite Fidget Toys of 2021

Our Favorite Fidget Toys of 2021

Last year, distracting behaviors such as leg shaking, nail-biting, and checking our phones too often stole our attention and productivity. Fortunately, fidget toys—designed to decrease feelings of restlessness while increasing focus—were adopted by many last year to avoid these potentially harmful habits.

Thanks to a combination of new technology and innovative designers, we brought more types of new fidget toys available on the market than ever before. And this year, we're going to design even more options for all of you who need a little extra help focusing. But for now, let's reflect on our favorite fidget toys of 2021.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The Infinity Cube Fidget Pack

The ideal choice for individuals who have nervous energy to banish. It is designed to discreetly fit in the palm of your hand and allow for continual movement.

Best Budget Fidget Toy: The Triple Fidget Pad

Ten fidgeting features in one fabulous little gadget, all for an affordable price. It's perfect if you're unsure what type of fidgeting therapy you desire. 

Best for Kids: Super Sensory Stretchy Strings

This fidget toy has six unique sensory textures and levels of stretchability designed to keep your child's restless fingers, and attention occupied. 

Best for Adults: The Magnetic Fidget Rings

These Magnetic Fidget Rings are entirely modular and freestyle - leaving you in charge of your unique fun. They are black, discrete, and perfect for adults. 

Best for School: Shorties Stretchy Strings Fidget Toy

They're the famous fidget noodles in a shorter form. The shorties are ideal for keeping attention in the classroom since they fit more closely in your hand.

Best for Autism: The Poppin' Pipes Pop Tubes

They pop, snap, and stretch to keep fast-moving minds busy with endless hours of fun. The tubes provide auditory feedback, making them ideal for individuals with autism. 

Best for Anxiety: The Super Sensory Hedgehog Stress Ball

This fun spherical toy with therapeutic spikes will have you feeling comforted all day long, making it the perfect fidget toy for calming anxiety. 


What to look for in a fidget toy:

If you don't know what you're searching for on the list of our favorite fidgets of 2021, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself. These questions will help you uncover the best product for you.

Size: Are you looking for something large or small?

Texture: Does smooth or textured appeal to you?

Noise: Does the product make noise when in use?

Functionality: What can it do for me?

Price range: What is my budget?

Needs: What do you need for your sensory requirements?

Location: Is the fidget toy discreet enough for school, work, or home? 




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