Top 6 Sensory Toys for Summer

Top 6 Sensory Toys for Summer

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and the days are getting longer. It can only mean one thing: summer! While summer is a time for fun in the sun, it can also be a time for exploration and sensory play. If you're looking for some new ideas to keep your little one occupied this summer, look no further. Here are 6 of our favorite sensory toys for summertime fun.


1. Silly Slappers

These Silly Slappers are perfect for summer. They're made from a high-quality safety silicone that provides both anxiety relief and sensory stimulation at the same time. You can slap them on virtually any surface and enjoy a satisfactory *smack*! Not only will these fun fidgeters satisfy your neediest of needs but you can also bend or fold them in any way imaginable. They're the newest, hottest fidget toy around right now - perfect for summer!


2. Wooden Stacking Blocks

Let your imagination run wild with our Wooden Stacking Blocks! This Beechwood toy set is safe for children of all ages - even toddlers! The larger-sized stacking blocks are specifically designed to avoid any choking hazards so your little ones can play in peace. They can easily be used both indoors or outdoor due to their durable wooden surface that lends itself perfectly to a picnic or backyard playtime!


3. Silly Suckers

Make bath time (or playing in the pool) much more fun! The Silly Suckers stick to any smooth surface, much like the Silly Slappers; however, they connect too! These toys help to encourage young children to explore their creativity by connecting, sticking, shape building, and more! As a bonus, these suckers come with a handy carry bag making it perfect for packing in the car and taking along on a summer vacation.


4. XL Poppin' Pipes

If you're looking to provide your child with some much-needed entertainment or sensory stimulation, these super satisfying crinkle and crack Pop Tubes are just what the doctor ordered! These versatile toys can be played with both indoors and out. They'll keep both minds and hands busy as they twist, connect, pop, and play--perfect for any time of year! Connect two together to make hula hoops; or try connecting four or five to create a telescope to reach the moon!


5. Sensory Stretchy Strings

Stretchy Strings with different textures combined with varying levels of stretchability? Yes, please! These super stretchy textured strings are not just durable, but the unique textures give busy minds and anxious hands a soothing outlet! Perfect for keeping your children busy during long summer days or road trips!


6. Poppin' Pipes Pokies

The extra small Poppin' Pipes Pokies are perfect for crafters and builders of all ages. Our Pokies offer the same sensory relief as their larger counterparts, with pop, crackle, and crunch sounds that will encourage your child's imagination while they build structures or anything else they can imagine! Ideal for crafts and keeping little hands busy playing indoors when it's too hot to play outside during summer!


These sensory toys will keep your child entertained from dawn until dusk during these long summer days! They'll enjoy hours of activities they can do on their own or with friends - truly endless fun!
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