Welcome to our World of Fidget Toys & Sensory Toys!

Welcome to our World of Fidget Toys & Sensory Toys!

Ever since we can remember, we've always had a need to fidget with something. And if you're anything like us and the rest of the world, then this is something that will never stop. That's why we created BunMo.

Welcome to our World of Fidget Toys & Sensory Toys! Our goal is to help people find their own sense of calm and peace during stressful times by providing them with sensory toys they can use for fidgeting. Our team at BunMo knows all about what it takes to be a pioneer in the field of developing cool fidget toys. We have all sorts of options, with sensory toys available in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials imaginable. There's no reason not to take a peek at what we have on offer! We hope you enjoy your time here exploring our shop and seeing all of our products that help children and adults alike have a better day. Many health professionals have regularly advocated our sensory toys, and you can find them in these online articles.

The Benefit of Fidget Toys & Sensory Toys
Fidgeting didn't start with the spinner in 2016; it has been around for millennia. Fidgeting is making small movements with your body - usually the hand and feet - to help you focus. It is associated with not paying attention, and it often reflects discomfort. If you've ever clicked a ballpoint pen over and over, you've used a fidget item. Nonetheless, the spinner resulted in more people understanding why fidgeting and sensory stimulation is needed. It motivated persons in the medical field to further research the increasingly popular topic and learn more about its capacity for relief. 

Studies explicitly conducted for children by Roland Rotz and Sarah D. Wright found that fidgeting with a sensory toy that concurrently stimulates one or more of the five senses can:

According to BunMo's customer reviews, our sensory toys do all of the aforementioned. All the positive reviews of our sensory toys show our pride and care for our products. The vast majority of our customers report that our sensory toys are great tools for learning, and they help calm both children and adults significantly.
Everyone craves sensory stimulation and can often feel deprived of that, especially children. Our five senses are learning tools, and giving them stimulation is a must. BunMo is well into its journey of becoming a household staple for children and adults who need sensory stimulation.

The Power of Detail
While not everyone understands the importance of small details on sensory toys, the team at BunMo does. The facets of each sensory product remain as beneficial as ever. We have found that other sensory toy companies have undervalued this critical aspect—for example, our Super Sensory Stretchy Strings don't miss a beat. Not only does it offer six vibrant colors for an emotional experience, but each string has a unique texture that works to reduce negative emotions. Each tiny detail we've added makes them more than just a calming toy; they are therapeutic. Quickly look at the incredible features our popular sensory toy has here

Our products are more than meets the eye. The team understands that sensory overload is prevalent, especially in children with Autism, anxiety, stress, ADHD, or ADD. Therefore, we've created some innovative products that will withstand any triggers. For example, we have added the feature of durability into our stretchy strings, so when a significant sensory overload occurs, users have a fidget release that won't break. Furthermore, we have our Poppin' Pipes pop tubes, which make a soothing popping noise. The noise draws all your focus to the ears and reduces the chances of a sensory overload. Sensory overloads can feel overwhelming, but our fidget toys for anxiety and stress will make anyone feel at ease.

The Future
We are advocates of the positive impact of fidget toys and sensory toys on people's lives. We will continue to exceed customer expectations and consistently provide you with the most beneficial fidget toys & sensory toys available. As you should now know, we won't stop devoting our time to make things easier for you or a loved one in every environment. If there is anything that we can help you out with, or if you have a general inquiry for us about our fidget toys, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
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