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Shorties Stretchy Strings Glitter + Glow

Our Glitter Stretchy Strings have six distinct colors that sparkle and stand out wherever you find yourself. They're perfect for those days when the world is just too anxious; these strings will give users a sense of calmness by presenting their hands with something fun to do! The stimulation provided from pulling on these fidget strings can also help soothe your nerves - go ahead: see how far they stretch!
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The Glitter + Glow Shorties Stretchy Strings toys help calm stress and anxiety by providing a fun outlet for busy and anxious hands. Our latex-free light-sensitive autism toys will glimmer by day and glow by night! Not only will these anxiety relief toys satisfy your fidgety, sensory-seeking needs, but you can also twirl them, fling them and squish them into any shape - your imagination is its limit. No matter what you create, the Shorties will always snap back to their original form with ease. Our 6-piece glitter and 6-piece glow (12 total) sensory toys make you focus on one sensation at a time, allowing you to concentrate better. This makes them perfect to use in a classroom, home, or office. Let our fidget toys Inspire some smiles and make every moment in life more fun and unforgettable.

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