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Party Stuffers 112pcs

Party Stuffers 112pcs

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The perfect party stuffers for kids, this bulk fidget toy pack is guaranteed to be loved by all! 

This incredible set includes 112 total pieces! Enjoy 6 Sticky Hands, 2 Wacky Tracks, 7 Roly-Polies, 8 Mini Pop Twists, 6 Meteor Hammers, 5 Suction Cartoon Toys, 1 Bunny Stop 'n' Pop Keychain, 1 Stop 'n' Pop Keychain, 1 Rainbow Stop 'n' Pop, 1 Fidget Cube, 20 plastic fillable eggs, 6 Shorties Stretchy Strings, 4 Textured Stretchy Strings, 4 Poppin Pipes, and 40 cartoon stickers!

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