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Wooden Infinity Cubes

Say hello to our wooden infinity cubes! We're the first to bring a wooden alternative to the standard infinity cube. This infinity cube is made entirely of Beechwood, making it more sustainable than plastic fidget cubes. Offset your plastic use by obtaining one of these eco-friendly infinity cubes. This plastic alternative makes an aesthetic fidget toy for your office or home.
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The first Wooden Infinity Cube Fidget Pack is here! You spoke; we listened. We have refined this eco-friendly Beechwood Infinity Cubes past clicking noises into a more natural, calming sound. This sensory toy will banish any nervous energy you have with its simple flip and fold capabilities. Using this fidget toy at your office desk won't disturb your great workflows. Trust us, the best fidget toys for adults are the ones that don't get in your way. This fidget infinity cube for adults is made from high-quality Beechwood and proven to last. The adult fidget toys Beechwood is non-toxic, dent-proof, and safe for all-day use. And, to prevent splinters, we've added rounded edges. 


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